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Spring Gnome Needle Felting Kit

Spring Gnome Needle Felting Kit


Included in this Kit:

- core wool

- Teal, Lavender, Bright Pink and Plum colored wool for hat and body colors

- Green and Yellow Wool for flowers and vines

- curly locks for beard


Felt-along with the video tutorials to create these cute flower gnomes! 


This kit makes two gnomes. In this kit there is a large off-white ball of wool roving called core wool for the body of the gnome. Please split between two gnomes.  There are two sets of colors: blue and lavender for one gnome and dark purple and pink for the other gnome, or you can mix and match colors for the hat and body if you prefer. The curly locks are for the beards, light pink for noses, green for vines, yellow for decoration, and use a bit of the other colors for your flowers.

  • *Felting Tools Required*

     Please visit "Felting Tools" for felting mats and felting needles. They do not come with all of the kits and are required for any needle felting project.

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