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Mushroom Needle Felting Kit - Yellow Blusher

Mushroom Needle Felting Kit - Yellow Blusher


This kit makes two mushrooms 


Included in this Kit:

- core wool

- yellow, tan and white wool for mushrooms

- two 5 inch wires coated in tacky beeswax for mushroom stems

- two wood slices for base of mushrooms

- moss and rocks to decorate


Felt-along with the video tutorial to create the Yellow Blusher Mushrooms!


In this kit there are two wires ready to make the mushroom stem. They are coated in tacky beeswax substance so wool will grip. They are both five inches long, but you can trim them to make a smaller stem if you prefer. The grayish tan is for the stem, yellow for the top, and white for the warts. The large ball of roving is the core wool for the center of the mushrooms, split accordingly between mushrooms. I included more core wool than what I used for two mushrooms. There are two wood slices and plenty of moss and rocks for the two mushrooms. Please follow the video for complete instructions. Read below for required tools to complete this project. I also have felting mats, felting needles and other felting supplies available on my website.


Required Tools to Complete Project:

  • Felting mat
  • Felting Needles
    • 36 triangle and 40 spiral
  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
  • Multi-Needle Tools (not required but recommended)
  • *Felting Tools Required*

     Please visit "Felting Tools" for felting mats and felting needles. They do not come with all of the kits and are required for any needle felting project.

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