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Pink and Purple Hand Knit Acrylic Hat

Pink and Purple Hand Knit Acrylic Hat


This hat is made from 100% Acrylic Yarn. This hat isn't quite as warm as the wool hats, but a great alternative to those who cannot wear wool.  Hand wash cold and lay flat to dry only. Do not machine wash or dry. The pom pom can be removed for washing. It has an elastic band wrapped around a button, sewn onto the hat. 


Easy hand washing instructions: Remove pom pom. Fully submerge and soak in cold water with a wool wash soap for 15-30 minutes. Do not agitate. Fully wring out or spin out in washing machine (spin cycle only, no rinse or agitation.) Lay flat to dry.


Refresh the pom pom: Take a hair dryer and blow out the pom pom from all directions. You can mist it slightly if needed and wipe with a towel first to remove dirt.

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