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Beginner Needle Felting Kit

Beginner Needle Felting Kit


Included in this Kit:
- high quality foam felting mat 8x8x2 inches
- 8 felting needles, 2 of each kind: 36 triangle, 36 star, 38 reverse and 38 or 40 spiral (depends on stock)
- Wooden felting needle handle and bonus triangle needle
- felting needle case
- 2 ounces of core wool
- over 4 ounces of colored felting wool (number of colors and the colors will vary slightly between batches. There will always be over 10 colors)
- Several needle felting guides and printed information
- extensive bank of felting videos (over 30 videos and counting!)


This beginner needle felting kit has everything to get started needle felting. I designed this kit after many years of felting to include the "must have" essentials for needle felting without extra stuff that you will end up throwing away. The colors of wool included in this kit will allow you to make many different projects. If you need more wool, visit the felting wool section of our shop

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